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Addis Ababa

Ethiopian WinesEthiopian Wine Connoisseur ...
Ethiopia makes both red and white wines for export, but the honey wine called Tej gets most of the attention from aficionados. Gouder...

Kaldi's Coffee, Ethiopia's Starbucks knockoff
Zagat Survey and others comment on Ethiopian Food

Pictures of Ethiopian coffee preparation
Ethiopian coffee clay pot

Ethiopian and JamaicanJamaican Connection - Marley & more ...
Rastafarians usually stand out with their mighty locks, did you know the movement's name comes from Ras Tafari (Emperor Haileselassie of Ethiopia).

Injera MitadInjera - Ethiopians' Staple Bread ...
Made from Teff, its only cultivated as a staple bread in Ethiopia. Without it there is no Ethiopian food. Find out how its made & its significance.
Ethiopian BeersEthiopian Beers ...
Ethiopia has more than 5 local brands... Ethiopia also exports beer to the middle east where alcohol is not brewed.

Tibs MeatPhoto Album of Ethiopian Food ...
Injera preparation, teff, food, ceremony, restaurants across the world, Addis Ababa landmarks and the Ethiopian spirit.

Ethiopian CalendarEthiopian Calendar currently 1999 ...
The Ethiopian calendar is different than the Western (Gregorian Calendar) learn more about the difference and history.

Learn AmharicLearn Amharic Quick & Easy ...
Do you frequent Ethiopian Restaurants? If so learn a few words, surprise your favorite waiter/ess with greetings in Amharic.

Megib BetRestaurant Names & their meanings ...
Ever wonder what your favorite restaurant's name stands for? Meanings of the 20 most popular Ethiopian Restaurant names.

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